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How To Close Celebrity Partnerships
How To Build An Addictive Product
How To Raise Capital

Held at Crown Conference Centre, this presentation steps through the systematic process startups can use to partner with a celebrity or global brand. M5859 Apps has had experience working with names such as Stephen Fry, BBC, Hell's Kitchen and Hughesy & Kate.

A seminar hosted at Crown Conference Centre that deconstructs the exact science of building an addictive product that encourages high user retention. M5859 Apps have experience launching apps that have gone No.1 in 22 countries.

Melbourne's biggest conference on fund raising, this event included Australia's leading startups and VCs discussing everything that entrepreneurs need to know about raising capital. M5859 Apps has experience leading multi-million dollar rounds of capital raising.


Learn how to get your app to go No.1.
Creating A Killer Pitchdeck 

James Nguyen, M5859 Apps

James Nguyen, Partner at M5859 Apps, covers a matter-of-fact look at the psychology and anatomy of creating an awesome pitch deck.

Truth About Australian VCs and High Net Worths
Matthew Khoury,  LOKE Digital

Matthew Khoury, CEO & Co Founder of LOKE Digital talks the truth about Australian VCs and High Net Worths.

Neuroscience of Raising Capital 

James Nguyen, M5859 Apps

James Nguyen, Partner at M5859 Apps, breaks down the neuroscience processes that are present in the capital raising process. 

Bootstrapping vs Raising Capital

Matthew Khoury, Loke Digital

Matthew Khoury, CEO & Co Founder of Loke Digital, talks about the big decisions startups face in terms of choosing to bootstrap or raise capital. 

Advantages Of Not 'Closing' An Investment Round

Brennan Ong, LawAdvisor

Brennan Ong, CEO of LawAdvisor discusses the advantages of not "closing" an investment round: get more and give less.

Top Venture Capital Q&A

Ilya Frolov, Oxygen Ventures

Ilya Frolov, Investment Director at Oxygen Ventures talks about what they look for in local startups when investing and the current climate for startups raising capital in Australia.

Raising Funds From Global Markets

Filip Eldic, BlueDot

Flip Eldic, Co-Founder of BlueDot speaks deconstructs a guide for Australian startups so raise funds from global markets.

10 Painful Capital Raising Mistakes For Startups

Ren Butler, BlueChilli

Ren Butler, Market Manager at Blue Chilli goes through the 10 most painful mistakes startups make when trying to raise capital.

Tax Essentials For Startups

Daniel Kornber, Partner DLA Piper

Daniel Kornber, Partner at DLA Piper, talks about the tax essentials that are required for startups to accelerate growth in Australia. 

Generating Social Proof To Get Investment

James Nguyen, M5859 Apps

James Nguyen, Partner at M5859 Apps, breaks down the importance of creating social proof to increase a startup's chance of raising capital and the exact process of doing so. 

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