How to make an app that dominates the app store

Making an app that goes number one in the App Store is more about science and less about luck. There are strategic steps that you can take to position your app to dominate the app store and these are largely underpinned by proven neuroscientific principles, but it all starts with the idea. And how that idea comes to life. 

We're about to share step one of how to make an app successful. 


Storyboard it out. Map out the story narrative before you even make an app. Sounds sort of confusing, right? Not really. Our advice is to start with pen and paper to just roughly design out the design of your app idea. This serves the purpose of showing the pages, buttons and general functionality of the product.


We call this a wireframe.


The purpose of the storyboard is to allow you and your team to effectively evaluate the user narrative of your idea before spending valuable dollars on development. This process costs nothing and is relatively quick so it allows you to make change before committing, but most importantly, forces clarity of thought. You want to be asking yourself, "Why are we really building this app?", " What exactly is the use case for a typical user?", "What is our magic moment?", "What screens do we want our users to see first?", "Why will users be coming back?".

When you make an app you want to tow the fine line between innovation and simplicity. Of course, you need to create a product that delivers value that is tenfold better than anything that currently exists in the market, but if you make an app that users can't understand, it will be moot. 

Let us introduce a world-wide sensation that shows this perfectly. Flappy Birds, by Dong Nguyen from Vietnam. While using the iPhone, he found that its most popular games such as Angry Birds were too complicated, and wanted to make a simpler game for people who are "always on the move”. So he spent the next three months, storyboarding out the flow and user experience of his app for the first time. Nguyen was of the opinion most mobile games in the appstore at the time were overly complexed with too many buttons. He believed that the 8-bit 80’s retro feel was soon to be vogue.


He neatly combined those key influences to make an app that we now know as one of the app store's most addictive crazes. 

In order to make an app and allow it to grow to its worth billion dollar valuation, it's important to start by critically evaluating the viability of your own idea. Not just from a traditional business stand-point, but through the eyes of your prospective users. The process of storyboarding quickly evolves to become a "think tank stage" where you start to constantly evaluate the steps that you should take, the features your should implement and the strategies you should market with.


This is the most important step to start with when you want to make an app. 


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