4 Steps to successfully create an app

The app industry is all the craze lately. You've heard the success stories, you've read the newspaper and you've done the maths. 

Here are five steps you need to get started to create an app. 


1. Have a billion dollar app idea that's unique.

It’s important when considering to create an app, that you have a ground breaking concept. Sure, you can copy other existing app ideas, but you won’t get far unless your app is ten times better than existing apps. The ones in the market already have a strong community and brand equity, so it will be challenge to create an app that's the exact same, just without the following. Aim to solve a real problem in people's lives and execute on that well. That will give you the best chance of winning the market. 


2. Race to the market.

Being first to the market has a substantial advantage. It helps a lot. By having the first mover advantage it gives your app a number of benefits such as: zero organic aquisition costs, novel impression on customers, monopoly over the young market.  A good example is Uber and Lyft who were both first to maket in the on-demand car sharing economy.  This allowed them to use free PR and media to blow up, with little traditional marketing costs. If you app has not been done or executed properly by another app developer or team, this is a good sign that it is a “killer app idea” and being first to market. Snapchat, were first to maket, in their $20 billion killer app idea.


3. Build a great team of world class talent.

If you want to create an app that is destined for success, the quality of the team is pivotal. After all, this is the team that will actually build the app and execute on the founder's vision. It’s important to work with world-class design and engineering teams, who truly know how to craft a beautiful seamless experience with effortless functionality. The simpler the app seems to be the more work that general is involved in creating that experience. At M5859 Apps, when we create an app, we take pride employing some of the world's best artisans including designers, engineers and project managers. Our team truly know how to craft, build, test and release apps that go viral all around the world.


4. Build an MVP quickly and test it.

Not sure if you still know how to create an app or why your creating one? The best way to be sure that you're on the right path is to invest a small amount of capital to build a minimal viable product (MVP). This will allow you to quickly validate your product offering with your test market and get valuable feedback to iterate on your product accordingly. In many cases you only need to go out to 1,000 people that fit in your target demographic. Melanie Perkins the 26 year-old founder of Canva ($385 million valuation, Aug 2016), used an online testing service to watch her customers interacting with her platform. This was done while they were building the minimal viable product, which afforded the team optionality and flexibility.  They built a sensational product around the feedback they received in that early stage. 

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